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Hey everyone!
Thanx for voting for South of Haven (formerly LA LEATHER).  Out of 100 bands on 98.7, they made it to the top 25.  Please VOTE HERE to help them win $!
They have been very faithful supporters of ICU and this is our chance to return the favor!


$2,279.07…FOR THE KIDS!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and supported the ‘It’s for the Kids’ concert…it seemed to be a success of every level! 

1.  No one was hurt!
2.  Nothing was broken!
3.  All the bands were great to work with and had great sets!
4.  ICU worked so hard all day and night!
5.  Lots of parents came and helped!
6.  After expenses, ICU made $2,279.07…for the kids!

Again, thank you to all the people (bands, ICU, parents, fans, security, VHS staff, teachers, donors) who helped make it a great show…we have more S4S money, new friends, and even more motivation to keep working hard…For The Kids!


We need people to work the event…at the sign-ups a few weeks ago, we had 22 say ‘YES, I WILL WORK THE EVENT’.  AT this week’s meeting, we had about half of that.  If you said you’d help, leave a comments and we’ll get you connected with a team leader.

We still also NEED the following donated:
-Raffle prizes (electronics and more!)
Let Anna know about food you get, let Tara know about raffle prizes that you get donated, and let Mrs. M know about money that you get donated! 

Those of you who have helped, thank you, you’ve been/are tremendous!!!!  CORE-please check your lists and make sure you’ve done everything assigned to you for your team! 
It’s gonna be a GREAT concert…For the Kids’!


Wow…when you guys put your mind to it, amazing things happen!  Here are a few examples of ‘Go-Time’ action!
1.  Alli securing the limited edition T-shirts and talking the guy down from $1,000 to $700!  Way to go Alli!!!  (FYI-we HAVE to sell these shirts!  :))
2.  Ana & Amelia went to lots of stores to get donations…final answers coming!  Good job for hitting the pavement guys!
3.  Tara and Robert secured over $350 of electronic goods-TWO digital cameras with memory sticks and 4 Rock & Roll CD’s!!!!  Fantastic!!!!
4.  I hear that LA Leather is selling lots of tickets!!!!

We know you’re all working on donations, your assigned tasks, selling tickets, marketing, etc!  Keep it up!

ON your Wednesday Uganda Walk on campus, remember to yell about the raffle prizes, the IC merch, food, etc….Tell people it’s for the kids!  🙂  You guys are doing great-this will be so cool…so cool!! 

You’re all sweet and sweet!  Be sure to leave comments about your progress!