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Happy New Year!

Hey ICU! It’s time to kick it into high gear! It’s our last couple of weeks of “Schools for Schools” (the competition ends at midnight on February 1!) So this is the time to pull out all the stops and try to raise as much money for Sacred Heart as possible! We are soooo close to our overall $10,000 goal, so let’s get even more creative! ICU club will be meeting the first Tuesday we get back from school (Jan. 15) so let’s make it a good one!

As for you, CORE, we have our first meeting of the fresh new year this Friday Jan. 11 at noon in Mrs. Margrave’s room! Can’t wait to see you there! We have a lot of prepping to do for Project KOPEG! (don’t forget to bring in your used electronics the first week back from school)



ICU…give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to AMELIA!  I do believe that Friday is her B-day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMELIA…we’re all very glad you were born (and continue living!).



Hi ICUers…
Remember to have your action items done by this week’s club meeting (Tuesday in 930 at lunch)
Here is a RECAP of your ACTION ITEMS (due 10/2/07)
1.  Log onto Schools For Schools and do the following 4 things
          a.  Create a profile is you haven’t yet
          b.  Update your profile!  Be creative!
          c.  Read the home page: What’s New, On The Ground, Creative Ideas
          d.  Vote for ICU’s Creative Ideas (do it!)
2.  Check the club blog (which you’re on right now!) and comment!!!!
3.  Write down your P4P debrief notes “What Worked” & “What To Improve”
4.  Write down at least 3 creative ideas for our club to do for fundraisers/awareness event/s
5.  If you have any pics from P4P, contact Amelia (VP) to load them on our Flickr acct
6.  If you have a staff shirt and haven’t paid for it yet, please pay Amelia ASAP!

This Week’s Meetings

Hey ICU!

We really need every CORE member at the CORE meeting on Monday September 10th. Please let Alli know prior to the meeting if you will not be there.

There is also a club meeting on Tuesday September 11th, and every club member needs to be in attendance! We are now counting down the days until Party for Peace and we have a lot of work to do, so everyone needs to kick it into gear!

Tuesday Work Meeting 8/28

Hey ICU!

We are officially back to school, which means we need to kick it into gear and  make this semester a really productive one for ICU!

 There is a CORE meeting this upcoming Monday so please plan on being there!

 There is also a club meeting on Tuesday at lunch, when we will be assembling the “Freshmen Welcome” bookmarks. We could really use all of your help, so see you in Mrs. Margrave’s room on Tuesday! 


Good job to Alli, Robert, and Rafael for communicating the info they tracked down..

-No rallye this Thursday
-Club Day is Wednesday September 12th
-Home football games are on 9/14 and 9/28, 10/12, etc
-Robert & Rafael are tag-teaming the admin roles for CORE
-Check out Rafael’s recent ‘Random Facts’ about Uganda!  Very interesting.


Thanx for a great meeting today! (See below for the link to today’s agenda if you missed it)
Aug 20 2007 CORE Agenda

1.  Introduce yourself to all your teachers.  Follow up on the Teacher Buy-In campaign.  Ask if they had any questions about Schools For Schools, etc.
2. Tuesday Aug 30th-Finish Frosh Bookmarks at lunch and pass out to teachers. 
3. Wear your ICU shirts on Wednesday Aug 31st
4.  Look at ICU calendar and remind self that we need to kick it into HIGH gear for P4P etc!
5.  We need to start advertising for Party For Peace!  We need hook items etc.

1.  Rafael-figure out when home football games are and commnicate that info ASAP on blog and/or email
2.  Rafael-Create a ‘Recyling Rotation’ sign up sheet
3.  Rafael-Work with Robert on the attendance/roster/etc
4.  Rafael-research and furnish ICU with relevant Uganda facts for P4P
5.  Amelia-Do next step for T-shirts
6.  Amelia-Modify ICU MySpace page, per our conversation at CORE
7.  Amelia-work on a logo for P4P 🙂  (and, pick up Lauren’s vendors)
8. Alli-contact ASB to find out when if there’s a rallye this week, when Club Day is, when Food Day is, if they can help us decorate for the Assemblies on the 21st, and what restrictions exist for Back To School Night
9. Alli-Contact Tara and follow up with her and Target
10.Alli-Send an email to past members and ask them if they’d like to be involved and help with P4P
11.Alli-Call our choice vendors about our upcoming events 🙂
12.Alli & Amelia-swap meet on Sunday!
13. Robert-call on bounce houses and have info to Miss Neylan by Friday

Ok, you’re doing great guys!  Keep up the work…it’s for the kids!!!!