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ICU Club 2006-welcome back grams

On August 11th, the faithful ICU crew arrived at Mrs. M’s house to assemble over 3,000 Welcome Back Grams!  Check out the fun…

Assembling WBG  Sarah Dyer, Holly Worsham, & Robert  WBG WBG supplies
Adrian-our hard working guest!  THanx!  Ashley & Lauren  ICUers hard at work  ICU group foot shot



We know about the orphanage called SOS because Miss Neylan sponsors Rose and Mr. & Mrs. Margrave sponsor Winnie.

 Rose Nsangi in Uganda at SOS Orphanage Rose with the photo album I sent her

(click here for SOS Orphan video )

Miss Neylan & Mrs. Margrave went to college with the family that runs the orpahange and foundation, Shannon and Danielle Hurley.  They are a commited amazing family that have dedicated their lives to helping the people of Uganda in a variety of ways.  One of those ways is to care for orphans. 

Mr. Margrave and ICU friends, Adam Powell & Jeff Lewis recently traveled to Uganda and actually visited SOS and saw, first hand, the good that’s being done and what the needs are. 

  SOS Orphans with Mr. Margrave, Adam & Jeff 

The monthly fee of sponsoring an orphan is $30.  However, the actual cost to feed, clothe, house, educate and love these precious people (with the bare minimum) is approx $100.  So, as you can see, there is a deficit each month. 

Recently, SOS, furnished a proposal to all the sponsors for the improvements they are trying to make (i.e. mattresses for the children, pillows, bed sheets, running water, footlockers, shelves, sewage lines, food, to name only a few things).  The proposal is astronomical to a Ugandan, but dirt cheap for the US.  SOS needs a total of $65,469 to safely provide basic needs for the orphans like Rose  and Winnie.

ICU’s mission statement goasl are to bring awareness and to assist physically, monetarily, emotionally, and spiritually to the crisis in Uganda, Africa.  SOS seems to fit the club’s purpose and since ICU has direct & personal connections to SOS, ICU has decided to raise funds for the 50+ orphans and their orphanage…and maybe someday ALL the ICU members can go with Mr. Margrave, Adam, & Jeff to Uganda to visit the orphans that we’ve been helping!


Here are a couple of shots from gram table sales from 2005/2006 school year.

Candy Gram Sales 2005/2006 school year   Gram Sales 2005/2006