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ICU is excited for anyone to care about and work towards helping Ugandans & because of that, ICU is committed to working as an ever growing team to do that.  So, to be in the ICU club, there are some requirements.  You must…

  1. Have watched the entire Invisible Children movie & special features
  2. Have attended 2 consecutive ICU meetings
  3. Have purchased either a House Party kit OR a black Invisible Children T-shirt
  4. Have visited the Invisible Children website & visit the ICU blog (the one you’re currently on), do some research on the issues in Uganda, and leave a comment/s on the ICU blog
  5. Have signed a commitment that you will be an active, reliable, contributing member of ICU (renewed at end of each semester)
  6. Be willing to evaluate your skills, talents, abilities and resources and use them to help the people of Uganda (and the world!)
  7. Participate in club events as much as possible.
  8. Always try to be a team player with a great attitude!

please note: you may attend the meetings without being a member, but if you are detracting from ICU’s goals during the meetings (& you’re not a member), you will be asked to leave.

If you decide you do not want to be a member, but would like to be involved from time to time, that’s ok too.  We’d love to have you.  However, because club members demonstrate commitment and hard work in the club, members will be given first priority in the following ways:
1.  ICU Members will be given priority for club officer positions
2.  ICU Members will be given priority for carpools, etc. for off-campus events
3.  ICU Members will receive emails, calls, VHS mail as reminders for ICU events
4.  ICU Members will be invited to attend to year end appreciation/awards party 🙂
5.  ICU Members are cool!



What better way to start the ICU blog than with some pics with some of the gang in them?  These were all taken at the GNC hosted by Invisible Children in Santa Monica (well, all over the world, but we went to the Santa Monica location).

We met at McDOnalds in SCV and drove down to a parking lot that was about an hour’s walk from the city hall steps.  Once there, we found a good spot, laid our things out, hung out, got interviewed, took pictures with one of the filmmakers, wrote letters to elected officials, made artwork, talked, laughed, met new people, slept and other stuff.  When we woke up the next morning after, we packed up, there was a huge photo shoot and then we walked back to the cars.  It was an exceptional experience and we shared it with 83,000+ people worldwide!

group-at-mcdonalds.JPG    Commuting 2    Commuting    Group Shot AT Santa Monica     Michael being interviewed for a San Diego paper   ashley-packing-up.JPG  Late night group discussionsLate night talks with Michael  ICU with filmaker Laren

    roberts-artwork.JPG      Ashley's Artwork    Night time lighting

Our 'home' base   Michael & Emmanuel in their sleeping bags  Morning Photo Shoot